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Centre for German Jewish Studies

The purpose of the Centre, which was established in 1994, is to study the contribution of German—Jewish communities to modern civilisation and to train a new generation of teachers and researchers in this field. From its base within a dynamic modern university committed to interdisciplinary studies, the Centre is making a distinctive contribution to both historical scholarship and multi—cultural education. Its work has been enhanced by financial support received from a wide range of educational trusts and individual donors.

Centre for German Jewish Studies

The primary aim of teaching and research is to reassess the concept of a ‘German-Jewish symbiosis’, that creative identification with German culture which was so characteristic of Jews in many parts of central Europe, including the territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. A second main objective is to research the experiences and achievements of refugees and their families. Taking account of the currents of anti-Semitism which culminated in National Socialism, the Centre is also developing a third group of projects relating to commemorations of the Shoah.

The Centre’s archival collection, located in the University Library is being developed in accordance with these three main themes. There is a particular interest in materials documenting the histories of German—Jewish families since the Enlightenment, including diaries, letters, oral testimony, survival narratives and other biographical sources recording the experiences and achievements of refugees.

Diana Franklin
Arts "B"
University of Sussex
East Sussex

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