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Helping Hands

A support network provided for the community by the community. If you are in need of some help and support, practical or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact Helping Hands.

Our Aims

  The aim of Helping Hands is to provide care and assistance both in practical and psychological terms for all members across the community, i.e. visiting or just phoning someone who is lonely, shopping for the house bound, picking up children from school when mum is ill, driving somewhere - whatever is needed.
  This is accomplished by creating a database of volunteers from across the community of all ages and both sexes.
  Each volunteer has agreed to help out in whatever way he/she feels most able, within the time limits of that person and after suitable training.
  All volunteers have the benefit of their own support network from within Helping Hands as well as from outside professionals who are available when needed.
  Helping Hands has become known as a caring, efficient and confidential service that can be relied upon by everyone concerned.
  The group supplements the work already carried out within the community by working alongside established organisations and by providing additional volunteers wherever they are needed.
  Helping Hands is purely a volunteer service, affiliated to Jewish Care. Co-ordinated by Sarah Wilks, and administered by Liz Shaw. Their job is to hold the database and co-ordinate the help that is required by matching those that need with those that volunteer and, if necessary, involving the various professional bodies within the community.

Become a Volunteer

  It is important that you feel happy and comfortable in the help you are giving to Helping Hands.
  Please do not hesitate to contact Helping Hands if you feel that you are unable to continue with your present client and would like to help in some other way.
  When visiting clients you are required to carry a Helping Hands Identity Card for which a passport size photo is required. This must be shown to the client upon entering their premises.
  It is important to be punctual when visiting a client. Please phone both your client and Helping Hands if there are any problems in keeping your appointments.
  Once contact is made you should continue to arrange visits yourself but report to Helping Hands of how your visits are progressing on a regular basis and of any changes of appointments you make.
  Maintain confidentiality at all times
  If you hear of anyone who you think Helping Hands can help, please let us know.
  If you know of anyone who wishes to help Helping Hands, please let us know.
  If you feel you are unable to continue to help Helping Hands please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contacts: Sarah Wilks (coordinator)
01273 747722

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